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About Our Team

Each of our team members has been directly involved with leading, managing, developing, and sustaining well known and highly acclaimed world-class organizations. While working with and studying world-class organizations, we learned that an organization has four key requirements to achieve world-class performance.


Why Us

X-Stream Leadership Group was founded to provide small to mid-size companies with the leadership tools to surpass their competition and become world class leaders. Do you know the ACB’s of Leadership? Achieve What You Were Created to Become!™ The X-Stream Leadership Group is led by a team of business improvement consultants with deep experience in a variety of industries from across the world. Their diverse experiences combine into an effective training team that can turn any C-level management group into a force for change.

X-Stream Leadership Group business improvement consultants are among the best in the industry. We offer a diverse range of executive coaching services, 205-209-1605 training, leadership development, and quality auditing services designed to meet each of your business needs.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

X-Stream Leadership Group provides targeted services to a variety of small to mid-sized companies that are trying to:

  • Grow their business to the next level.

  • Streamline and improve their customer service experience to stand out from the competition.

  • Improve their business processes.

  • Develop their leadership pipeline to train the leaders of tomorrow.

X-Stream Leadership Group business improvement consultants specialize in welding C-Suite executives into a cohesive leadership team. Our methodologies are not limited to a particular industry or business - our model works for any business, in any industry. View Testimonials. Our passion is to partner with leadership teams and businesses to achieve new heights in profitability, efficiency and creatively. Our diverse range of experiences ensures that we can develop tailored content and delivery that has a better than 70% track record in sustaining changes 12 months or more. This compares to typical process improvements which fail or are not sustained the majority of the time.

X-Stream Leadership Group specializes in providing business process consulting services that target leadership gaps through our X-Stream 587-585-4305 Challenge, which pushes executives to become efficient and cooperative leaders. Our Dynamic Profiling enables us to identify the problem areas in your company and design tailor-made methodologies to address them.

By partnering with the X-Stream Leadership Group your business will be on its way to achieving the world-class performance you always envisioned. Allow us to help you attain personal and organizational growth using the ACB’s of Leadership? Achieve What You Were Created to Become!™ 650-370-2951.

Become an XStream Leader!

"This Program challenged me on a level that I hadn't experienced before, to the point where I was mentally exhausted by the end. The intense self-discovery and analysis of team dynamics were powerful lessons. "

Michael Imburgia 
Director of Product Development

XStream Leadership Group takes you, individually, and as a team through a series of escalating challenges from the very simple to the very complex over an intense 1-day period that can change your life and the world around you!

Experience over 30 years of elite U.S. Military Special Forces and high-performance corporate leaders...elbow-to-elbow, shoulder-to-shoulder.

The XStream Challenge is both mentally stimulating and physically demanding…ideal training for the individual who is serious about pushing themselves to be their very best!


XStream Dynamic Profiling

Become the leader you were meant to be with Dynamic Profiling!
What if you could better understand and anticipate your boss, your peers, or your coworkers moods and behaviors through a few minutes of simple conversation instead of having them take a test or you wading through a psychological analysis?

What if you could become more influential and effective at gaining their trust and support in order to resolve their issue on get your ideas or projects implemented without all the "hassle"?

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Experienced in Consulting in the following industries and much more:

  • Throughout the healthcare industry, including:

    • Hospitals

    • Medical Device manufacturers

  • In a variety of manufacturing businesses:

    • Aerospace

    • Cosmetics

  • Public Utilities:

    • Solar

    • Gas

  • Government Contracting:

    • Defense

    • Social Security

  • Software Development

  • Banking Services for both personal and business accounts

  • Retail

  • Higher Education

  • Parcel Delivery Services

Tim Gillette
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lockheed Martin Corp

“You will not find a more dedicated person to work with than JR. He will provide the best results and service to your organization. JR setup the Master Black Belt Program and set it up as an effective Lean Six Sigma program with the highest standards.” Read More

Jonathan Koffler, MBA
Director of Client Services Abbott Diabetes

“J.R. was my Professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia. I attended the Green Belt Six Sigma training and certification course and J.R. was my Professor. J.R. is extremely knowledgeable with Six Sigma and Process Improvement. The course work was intense and J.R. was an excellent teacher and communicator. My project to become certified..." (319) 723-6880

Anand Pillarisetti, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania

“I had the opportunity to know JR McGee as an Instructor for “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” course at Drexel University. It was a pleasure to have him as a class teacher and a project mentor, because of his: (a) excellent oratory, (b) extraordinary conversation capability, (c) hands-on approach to solve problems, (d) passion as well as commitment to help people become world-class professionals.” Read More

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